Flickering football fireplace

Sitting next to a flickering fireplace is joyous to me, especially while snuggling under a comfy blanket with a superb book.  Tuesday pigskin with the heated fireplace, reminds myself and others of my youth. In the Winter weeks, my dad always had the pigskin games on the cable, plus a fire in the fireplace, then now I am the dad of the house, plus I like my Winter pigskin games.  I can be found sitting by the fireplace rooting my favorite team on to victory, while my wife bakes a pumpkin pie in the living room. Thankfully, the people I was with and I have a well-working gas furnace that will keep the house boiling during the chilly Winter weeks.  The fireplace is good for ambiance, but not so good for heating the house. In fact, I had the air conditioning tune-up last Spring, but now it’s time for the gas furnace tune-up. I do not want to take any possibilities on whether or not the gas furnace will labor when it needs to.  So I shall have the Heating plus A/C provider over to check the gas furnace out to ensure a well-heated plus safe wintertime. I have multiple portable heating systems for emergencies, but they are to be used only for emergencies. I absolutely do not want my teenagers moving portable heating systems around my house.  They can barely keep up with their school books, let alone a portable heater. They would just leave the oil furnace on in an empty room, causing a possibly dangerous situation. Or I can opt to ensure that my gas furnace will labor when I turn it on, plus the teenagers will not have to deal with the portable heating systems at all.

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