How interesting

Ever since the start of fall, my girlfriend has observed that the beach house has been a bit frigid. We’re fairly new to it, so both of us figured this was just the house, and shrugged it off. Then after both of us had a free weekend to go over the beach home inside plus out, inspecting weatherstripping plus looking for gaps or cracks that could cause a draft, both of us turned the thermostat up a bit higher plus left it at that. Yet lately, the colder its been getting, the colder our beach house is getting. Reading on the couch one night, curled up with our two dogs, both of us observed in the quiet that the central gas furnace was consistently running. Then for those handful of hours, it never stopped running. What if something was wrong with the heating and air conditioner? The whole beach home is so new, neither of us were concerned with needing a heating and air conditioning inspection in our first year. Finally, both of us had to cave plus give our heating and air conditioner repair provider a call! My girlfriend was starting to get a little worried as time went on, distraught that both of us might be in serious trouble here. On the day the heating and air conditioning supplier arrived, I was close to sweating I was so nervous. My girlfriend sat on the patio with me while both of us had a beer; she held my hand the whole time. Neither of us had room for a new gas furnace in the budget. When the heating and air Conditioning supplier came back upstairs an hour later, he had some fine news plus some excruciating news. The fine news was that both of us had nothing to worry about with our gas furnace–it was still in good shape. The excruciating news was that there were gaps in the ductwork that needed to be resealed. Fortunately, a ductwork sealing is way less money than a major gas furnace repair.