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Initially, there was no air conditioning system in the garage of the house my fiance and I bought together. Because we knew we wanted to use the garage as a yoga studio, we found and installed a wonderfully efficient air conditioning system for the window. That air conditioning unit was perfect for the 3 years we had it. My partner and I never had a complaint and there was no spike in our electric billing. The wintertime was even comfortable because the air conditioning unit had a heating component too! Last weekend, we decided to go on holiday and we were gone from Friday evening until late Sunday afternoon. The first thing we noticed when we returned home was the missing air conditioning unit from our garage window. It seriously looked like someone decided to rip it out of the window to pull the theft off. As soon as the shock we felt wore off, we called the cops. Although they told us to contact our homeowner’s insurance company, they assured us they doubted they would catch the thief. My finance decided to give our homeowner’s insurance company a call to our surprise, we got a response in 10 minutes. One of our lovely neighbors saw the thieves carrying the air conditioning unit down the street and was suspicious. Although they laughed while filming it, they did capture the thieves walking down the street with the air conditioning unit. As soon as they heard about the theft, they knew they could help. The video really showed the 2 burglars walking away with our air conditioning unit.

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