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My newly purchased home is huge, particularly old, and almost impossible to heat or cool.  Trying to manage temperature, humidity plus air quality is a non stop battle. Where I live the weather is never the same two days in a row – temperatures can range from high 80’s all the way down to the negatives. My family and I are always dealing with lots  of snow and rain, sometimes high winds or high humidity. Reaching and keeping a comfortable temperature is a aggravating and expensive task. The sun is always shining through our huge front windows which makes the AC have to work harder to cool the house down; on the opposite side of the spectrum, during winter when our old doors and windows let in a draft, it is our furnace that has to work harder to heat up the house since so much of it escapes. The humidity, whether it is excessive or insufficient, has a pressing impact on how comfortable the home feels.  Overly humid air feels heavy, sticky plus hot, which prompts lower control equipment settings; drier air makes it feel cooler, so during winter the temperature controls are higher. Unfortunately every room in the home is a little different – depending on location, insulation, size plus all sorts of factors. For the first few months that I lived in the house, I sacrificed the bulk of my budget to heating and cooling costs, yet I was always uncomfortable. I finally hired a local HVAC technician to inspect the heating/cooling device and give some advice of what to do.  He right away recommended I update to zone control; so by installing a series of valves within the ductwork plus control equipment in each of the rooms, I now manage the conditions in each section independently. The smart control units allow remote access, convenient programming as well as regulation of both temperature and humidity.

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