A marriage that won’t last

I always thought that if I went grocery shopping, and made my own food, that I would saving money.  It seemed to be an easy equation to me, that cooking and eating at home, was cheaper than eating out.  I know that was something that my mother taught me. She always told us that it was cheaper to eat at home.  It took awhile for me to figure out why my energy bills were so high. My fiance and I were in the kitchen cooking another gourmet dinner.  We had all the burners on the stove going. The oven had been on for over an hour, and the roaster was running. I could feel the heat coming off the pots and the roaster.  I could feel the moist heat coming from the dishwasher. I could also hear my air conditioner running and yet I didn’t feel a lot of AC cooling the air. It suddenly hit me that all of my air conditioning was trying to cool off the heat I was making while cooking.  The following week, we went out for dinner a couple of times. We knew we didn’t have to go to fancy restaurants, but we got great meals at the local diner. Our next energy bill was less than half what the past several months had been. Cooking at him all of the time, may save money when you are heating the house, but when air conditioning was running, you were wasting energy, and money.  I like saving money and I love eating out. This was such a great discovery.

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