My husband is a mr.fix it!

I enjoy going grocery shopping and I love cooking.  I especially love cooking with my husband. We have such a great time working in the kitchen together.  A couple of times he has asked if I wanted to go out to eat, but I always tell him I have plans for dinner in our own home.  Lately, our energy bills have been going really high. It seems like our air conditioning is running all of the time, and I know that is the reason.  When the heating was on, our energy bills weren’t a third of what they are now. I was making a normal Sunday dinner the other day. We had all of the burners on, the oven was running, and we had the toaster oven running.  I could feel the air conditioning blowing in the kitchen, but it didn’t seem to be doing any good to cool off the house. I looked at him and I said I think I knew what was going on. We couldn’t run the air conditioning hard enough or low enough to be able to make up for the heat we were creating.  My mother had always said it was cheaper to cook at home than to go out for dinner. For the next couple of weeks, we made it a point to go to dinner every other day. We weren’t spending as much on groceries, and our energy bill was cut in half. I’m wondering if cooking at home meant fish stick and french fries.  I do remember eating them a lot when I was growing up.

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