Office rentals

Making an honest living as an artist in the huge city is not all that easy. I’ve been quick to keep an eye on the latest trends where art meets business, and it’s allowed myself and others do what I savor plus thrive doing so. As of late, I have noticed that two things were taking off: paint evenings plus coloring books. But the 1 thing I didn’t see was one that was a little more grown up than the others, something other than painting gorgeous boats sailing under violet evening skies, however so, I started up Sips and Cuss words, a paint night for grown adults! I run each event out of our gorgeous artisan apartment for rent in Batavia NY. Here folks are comfortable letting loose, which is what you really want to do after a few drinks with a paintbrush in hand. I teach a mix of calligraphy and watercolor, so when you’re done you can turn your preferred swear word into a work of art. I was only able to pull it off with our artist apartment for rent in NY. This certain  section allows myself and others to arrange everything just right for our clients. Since its a wide open loft, I bought tables that can roll plus be locked safely. That way, our clients can have the seating just how they care about it. Along with that, each celebration can be just with your closest friends, or with two or three groups at a discount. That level of privacy combined with our artist apartment in Batavia NY gives people the privacy and comfort level they often need to truly get in their zone. There’s not even any wait staff, it’s just me. So no 1 has to worry about being judged for what they paint or how they paint it in this space! My artist apartment for sale in NY has become a thriving business that I love.

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