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My sibling is very smart, but in a few ways is also pretty dumb! Recently, he let his oil tank run dry. All summertime long he hadn’t bothered checking his oil levels since he thought the water heating system worked off of electricity. Come to find out, his water heating system is connected to the house’s central gas furnace, then this is because the current home he obtained in the Spring uses an oil boiler, then i could not suppose that he had never thought to look over the central heating unit when he got the house, let alone have it checked, but well, he had the oil filled up last week, but the boiler wouldn’t turn on, but he ended up having to restart the boiler in the middle of the evening when he got home from work. I later asked him why he didn’t just an Heating and Air Conditioning business come to fix it up. He said he didn’t want to pay the stupidly high emergency price for calling an Heating and Air Conditioning business after normal corporation hours. Now that he has the heat running through, the boiler is being suspiciously loud. It sounds like it’s running all the time and I’m concerned that he honestly needs to get it checked. He swears to everyone that not that aged so it should be fine. He said it’s made in 2000. Well, two days ago the heating stopped now working while in the first big freezing snap. When the Heating and Air Conditioning business came over, he said he could repair the system, but it would be costly. The model is called a System 2000, not made in the year 2000!

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