I really love the furniture set

I really love my quirky little house, however it doesn’t come without its difficulties, however my dream has always been to own a beach condo with a lot of spirit, so when I had enough money saved up I signed the mortgage on this stunning A-frame built in the 70s, settled on a nearby lake. The unique  style of the beach condo gives me unparalleled views of the lake; there is nothing I like to do more than resting by the fire in my dining room plus seeing the deer and the deer at night! Occasionally I’ve even spotted a moose plus a bear out in the forest around the water; However, the A-frame’s size also makes arranging rooms a little tricky, however while the area is pretty open concept, the pitch of the roof means not everything that fits looks all that great. I’ve found I need shorter styles for my larger furniture in order to keep the arena from feeling too stuffed. The problem is, finding a short backed couch in the weird backwards L-shape is no easy thing to do. On a sudden whim, I went into a custom furniture store to talk pricing and other options. Not only was the couch not as fancy as I thought it would be, but the custom couch would be made to my exact wants. I showed them pictures of the space, plus the immediately understood what I was looking for plus why. Once the design was sketched out, I got to option the fill plus fabric, plus the trim. I went with a camel leather with a type of metal trim for the legs that would harken back to the 70s when the condo was first built. While the custom couch is still more than I would spend in a store, it comes with an incredible warranty that the shop stands by. My hand crafted custom couch will be fantastic for at least 20 years, plus is the perfect fit for my special house.

rustic meets transitional