We had three weeks to build

If there is one main thing that I have found in shopping for my charming southwest style home, it’s that there is nothing more soulless than outdoor furniture. Everything is either glass plus metal, or something that looks love it should be in the south. Why does my outdoor furniture have to look boring or tropical? I just want something that matches my house, I have this beautiful porch out front that I love to stand at plus watch sunshine come up with my afternoon coffee, but since you can see the front porch from the street, I want whatever I place in there to match the house. It should fit the theme, but yet all I can find in stores are little bistro sets, or rocking chairs that look love they belong at a farm house. It was my partner who gave me the method that if I was not liking everything in stores, why not just have something built? I’d never thought of that before. So, I took plenty of photos of the patio as well as the new home interior, and scheduled an appointment with a designer at my local custom furniture store. I was very scared that they wouldn’t take my order since I wanted outdoor furniture, but to my delight, they were more than happy to help, and my appointment began with a stand down, where the designer scanned over the photos plus my measurements of the space, however the designer was kind plus asked me about my needs for the space, plus what my style was. They showed me a few samples on the iPad of strange renderings plus helped me find exactly what I wanted. It’s going to take at at a minimum several weeks for our custom outdoor bench plus cushions to be done, but it’s going to be totally worth it.