The house helps us out

Here soon I’ll find out exactly how difficult home ownership can be. I’ve been saving up to buy a house for several years now. I’ve been living with my parents for far too long but I knew it was the only financially feasible way of buying my own house. Granted, I had been dating a few girls, but most of the time I like my privacy so I’m on my own. These days, it’s nearly impossible to buy your own house by yourself. After saving up enough for a decent down payment, I began house hunting my preferred area of the town. I was in no rush to get my own place so I wanted to make sure the house had every little feature I wanted while not costing me an arm and a leg. The basics were of course important: location, cost, accessibility, etc. I wasn’t too worried about newer amenities. I didn’t need a dishwasher or a state of the art washing machine and dryer. I don’t mind washing dishes by hand or going to my parents to do my laundry. However I was worried about getting a functioning heating system and air conditioner. I definitely want to be comfortable in my house after a hard day of work. I want adequate heating and air conditioning that I can rely on through the years.  These are really my two big issues that I feel are not easily fixed. I focused on a new HVAC unit because I’ll never know if a used unit was properly maintained with regular air filter changes and cleanings. I want to be confident I’ll be comfy and cozy in the place I’ll be resting my head every night.