Trials of homeownership

I’m very close to buying my first house and I’m getting ready for living on my own. I’ve been saving up to buy a home for multiple years now. I’ve been living with my mom and day for far too long although I knew it was the only financially feasible way of buying my own place. These times we live in now, it’s nearly impossible to buy your own home by yourself while you’re also renting. After saving up enough for a nice down payment, I began house hunting around the area. I was in no rush to get a house and I wanted to make sure the home had every little feature I wanted while not costing more than it was worth. The basics were of course crucial: location, cost, accessibility to work, etc. I wasn’t too upset if the home didn’t have the newest amenities. I didn’t need a dishwasher or a state of the art washer or dryer. I don’t mind washing dishes by hand or going to the laundromat to wash my clothes.However, my main concern was getting a functioning heating and A/C system. I want a great heating system and air conditioner that I can rely on through the years.  The climate control issue is a major one for me and I won’t budge. I focused on finding a new Heating, Ventilation, and A/C equipment because with a used system, you’ll never know if it was damaged at all by a previous owner. I’m looking forward to having my own place.