I was happy I owned a home

Very soon now I’ll be able to experience homeownership and know what all my friends are talking about with their day to day issues. I’ve been saving up to buy a house for a few years now. I’ve been residing with my parents for far too long but even though I love them, it’s tough living in the same house when you’re an adult. Occasionally I stay with my girlfriend, too. These days, it’s nearly impossible to buy your own house and rent at the same time. Who has the extra income for that??  After saving up enough for a good down payment, I began shopping for a house in my favorite section of the town. I had no deadlines to get my own house so I wanted to make sure the house had every specific feature I wanted while not costing myself a lot of extra cash. The basics were of course crucial: location, cost, a yard, etc. I wasn’t being overly picky because I didn’t care about some things that other home buyers consider “must haves”. I don’t mind washing dishes by hand or going to my parents to do my laundry. However I was adamant about getting a functioning heating and cooling system.  I am cost conscious and want an energy efficient HVAC system that is guaranteed to keep me cool in the summer and warm in the winter. I focused on a home with a new Heating & A/C device because I’ll never know if a used device was properly taken care of or has problems because it wasn’t cleaned well. All in all, I’m looking forward to owning my own home.

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