Man, it got very cold

Soon I’ll find out exactly how strenuous home ownership can be. I’ve been saving up to buy a  house of my very own for multiple years now. I’ve been living with my parents for much too long but I knew it was the only financially feasible way of going about buying my own house. Granted, I do stay with my girlfriend now and then, too. It’s nearly impossible to buy your own house by yourself. After saving up enough for a good down payment, I began looking and hunting through property ads in my number one area of town. I was in no rush to get my own place so the world was my oyster. I was determined to make sure my new  house had every little feature I wanted while not costing myself a lot of money. The basics of location and cost and commute time to work were very important, but I wasn’t too worried about newer amenities. I didn’t need a fancy dishwasher or a state of the art washing machine or dryer. I don’t mind washing dishes by hand or going to my parents to do my laundry. My big issue was feeling comfortable and having a good, reliable climate control system. I want an adequate heating and air conditioner that I can rely on through the years.  I’m not very picky, so I didn’t budge on this requirement when my realtor asked what I wanted in a new home. The HVAC system was imperative! I hope with me being open to not wanting other appliances I’ll get a steal of a good house.

M and M climate control