The troubles of being a homeowner

Within the next year I’ll know what all the fuss is about with owning your own home. I’ve been saving up to buy my own home for a little while now. I’ve been living with my mom and dad for way too long however I knew it was the only financially feasible way of buying my own place.  I’m thankful that I can save money and granted, I had been staying over with my girlfriend a bit, but still. For my generation, it’s nearly impossible to buy a place of your own without living with your parents first unless you’re fabulously wealthy. After saving up enough for a down payment, I began house hunting. The basics were of course very important: location, cost, accessibility, etc.  I was flexible on some things, though, so I hope that helps me in the long run. I don’t need fancy appliances and I’m not afraid to do dishes by hand. However I am sticking to my guns and I want a brand new heating and air conditioning system. I genuinely want to be comfortable in my own place after a long day of work. I want sufficient heating plus a/c that I can rely on through the years and through some very hot summer months.  These are honestly my only “must have” needs about my home. I can’t stand a home that’s freezing in the winter because the HVAC system is worn out or old. I hope my dream home is around the corner waiting for me!

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