I had to wait a few hours

I am packing for a trip and the weather is going to be cold! Basically everyday is going to be 50s, rainy plus windy. I have packed all long pants, long sleeves plus thermal gear packed. I am now doubting if perhaps I have packed wrong. In the Summer, you would assume everywhere would be hot. What if you see a film, go out to eat or head to a bar, you are going to be pummeled with AC. Is it going to be like with this trip? I do plan on eating out every night, however will the heating be satisfactory or way too much? I don’t want to wear thermal gear plus sweat the whole time. I have tours on the itinerary, and one tour I am going to be on a bus for numerous hours going from landmark to landmark. On one hand, I will be getting out of the bus in the frosty weather. I will want to be bundled up warm. On the other hand, what if the bus cranks the heating system equipment? I would be super sizzling plus then getting off would assume nice, but now I am toying with the idea of bringing some t-shirts plus maybe some shorts. I could constantly try finally working out if I do not easily need them on the trip. Who knows though, however perhaps the country is super great about heating where I will want a tank top, however the country never gets above 60 degrees. It would make sense that heating would be a priority. Why would they allow any location to be as frosty as it is outside? Maybe I will need to rethink my suitcase again.

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