A single phase unit

I am just not at the same stage of life that our friends are at. Basically all of our college friends just got married & had boys. After I graduated from college, I landed the perfect job & bought our first property. I guess we are successful, but don’t understand the other person’s success. For example, our friend Taylor lives in a little house & has many boys, but she consistently is boasting about her boys walking, talking or reading how to do something. I feel disappointed for her. She has no free time, her spouse is never around & her house is awful. I also don’t want to talk about her boys all of the time. What is happy in our life is completely different. I am truly pumped up about our radiant heated floors. I guess our radiant floors are way more impressive than her boys, and Taylor’s boys cry all of the time, however my heated flooring system is silent… Also, it is made to do what I want. The gas furnace warms our floors to the thermostat setting I want it at. It does not make a sizable deal about heating, it just provides myself and others temperature control. Taylor’s boys also cost her a ton of money. She is consistently buying diapers, bottles & food. My radiant flooring system is basically self sufficient. It needs little heating maintenance & service. It also saves myself and others money, however none of our heated air rises to the ceiling, since it is radiant heat. It just sticks to the flooring level. I feel like I made out better than our friend with our investment.

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