I did learn my lesson

I’ve always been interested in carpentry. I’m sure a large part of that can be attributed to both my father and grandfather being carpenters by profession. I grew up learning the in’s and out’s of the trade of carpentry. My father was also an electrician and between the two of them, they could fix anything within the household. Their collection of knowledge was simply astounding. I learned far too late in life to start absorbing their knowledge and asking them as many questions as I could. Luckily, I learned that lesson eventually and I started getting as many tips as I could. One of the most valuable tips I continuously inquire are energy saving tips. Though I love carpentry, it’s very easy to pass on the various energy saving tips I’ve learned. Since not everybody is interested in the physicality and labor of carpentry, it’s much easier to pass on the lessons of simply saving money over time with various habits. Who doesn’t love saving money? I taught my daughter very early in her life the importance of turning off lights, heaters, and air conditioners when they aren’t in use. Sure, it’s a very minor habit but over time, it saves a lot of money. It was also a very easy lesson to teach a child when you correctly emphasize the importance of it. It’s really all about how you structure your lessons as well. When you teach lessons they can relate to, it becomes much easier to learn the core lesson. Next year I’m going to instill the lesson of regularly changing your air filters.