I was happy there

I’ve regularly been interested in the field of carpentry since I was a boy. I’m sure a sizable part of that interest can be attributed to both my father and grandpa being carpenters by profession. I grew up learning about the trade and being on the jobsite constantly. My father was also an electrician, which was very handy in owning a home repair family business. Their collection of knowledge was simply astounding. I recognized too late just how much experience and information they carried around in their heads, but I value their on the job knowledge. One of the most basic tips I know is how to conserve on energy consumption. Though I care about carpentry too, there’s more skill and time needed to develop that trade, and saving energy is doable for everyone. Since not everybody is interested in the physicality and work of carpentry, it’s much easier to pass on the lessons of simply saving money over time with several straightforward habits. Who doesn’t care about saving money? I taught our daughter when she was very young the importance of turning off lights, heaters, and air conditioners when they aren’t in use. Sure, it’s a particularly minor habit however over time, it saves a lot of money. It’s an easy thing to teach a child because it’s very visual and is habit forming.  Once they do it constantly, it saves a lot of money! I really enjoy carpentry, but now when I’m asked for a quote I also add in energy saving tips for the homeowners and how to reduce their heating and cooling bills.

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