Honesty and technology

I’ve always been interested in carpentry and handy skills. I’m sure a big cause of my interest is because both my dad and my grandpa were heavily invested in the trade. I grew up studying the minute details of the trade of carpentry and home repair. My father was also an electrician and my uncle was a plumber, so between the men in my family they could repair anything within the household. Their collection of expertise was simply astounding. I learned far too late in life to start absorbing their expertise and asking them as many questions as I could, but after I realized how much great information they knew, I couldn’t ask enough questions!  One of the best topics that helps everyone is how to save on electricity and with that, money on utility bills. Though I prefer the carpentry trade, it’s very simple to pass on the many energy saving tips I’ve learned. Anyone can use them to their advantage, so you don’t have to have a specific talent or skill. Who doesn’t appreciate saving money? I taught my own son very early the importance of turning off lights, heaters, and a/cs when they aren’t in use. Sure, it’s a very minor habit however over time, it saves a lot of money. It was also a very simple lesson to teach a child when you properly emphasize the importance of it. And, you can make it fun so it’s not simply a chore that needs to be done.  I’m happy for all the life lessons my dad and grandpa and uncles taught me about carpentry and HVAC and heating and cooling efficiency. It’s the best thing I’ve learned in my adult life.

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