I was okay with the work he did

I’ve loved getting dirty and working with my hands since I was a young kid. I’m sure a sizable part of that can be attributed to both my father, mother, plus Grandpa being carpenters by profession. I grew up learning about all the details of trade and home repair from my family. My father was also an electrician and my mom was a plumber, so between everyone, they all could repair anything within the household. Their collection of knowledge was simply astounding.  One of the biggest lessons I learned through home repair is the importance of saving energy. Though I love carpentry, it’s pretty straightforward to pass on the many energy saving tips I’ve received through the years. Since not everybody is interested in the physicality and craftsmanship labor of carpentry, it’s much easier to pass on the lessons of simply saving currency over time with many straightforward habits. Who doesn’t love saving cash? I taught my kid particularly early in her life the importance of turning off lights, heaters, plus the air conditioners when they aren’t in use. Sure, it’s a particularly minor habit however over time, it saves a lot of currency.  My family did not go into the HVAC business, but I feel if we knew the heating and cooling business alongside our other trades, we would have a spectacular family business! My best friend is a HVAC technician and he does his own home work himself. I would not want to tackle that chore myself, but if I were trained in HVAC repair I would feel confident in repairing my own equipment.

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