We are learning our lesson

I’ve always been interested in carpentry and creating things out of wood and other materials. I’m sure a lot of that interest is because I great up around my dad and uncles who were themselves carpenters. I was on the jobsite handing tools and doing small tasks for every one of the crewmembers. My father was also an electrician which came in handy to have one person be able to do many things for home repair and home builds. Their collection of expertise was simply astounding and made me want to be a carpenter, too. Of course, not all the lessons I learned were about carpentry. One of the best tips I got from them was very specific but simple energy saving tips. Though I adore carpentry, it’s certainly easy to pass on the many energy saving tips I’ve l received, since not everybody is interested or has a talent for handy skills. Who wouldn’t want to save some money throughout their life? I taught my daughter certainly early in her life the importance of turning off lights, heaters, and air conditioners when they aren’t in use.   It’s a simple thing to do but very effective. It’s also easy to perform regular maintenance on your heating and cooling equipment, too. My Grandpa taught me that, and a little prevention goes a long way in preserving your home’s heating and cooling appliances. No one in my family were certified HVAC contractors, but they learned from friends and could do the basics to maintain an efficient home and general heating system.

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