I can tell there are plans

My lady, Mary and I had been dating for nearly several years when we moved in together.  It seemed adore a particularly great way to save on rent and utilities. We are both recently graduated from university, not making much money, and struggling to pay off student loans.  We’ve now been living together for nearly a year, and I can’t wait for the lease to be up. Living with Mary is costing myself and others a fortune, and she’s driving myself and others insane.  We both agreed we would take every occasion to split costs, however she’s consistently wasting money. When Mary gets the groceries, she comes beach home with imported cheese, exotic fruits, gourmet cooking oil and chocolate.  When she leaves for job in the morning, she never bothers to adjust the thermostat. I often come back to an empty apartment and find either the air conditioner or heating device blasting at maximum capacity. Last winter, the outside temperature was 28 degrees, and the heating system was struggling to meet demand.  It kept running and running, and yet the apartment felt downright frigid. I finally noticed a cold frigid draft and discovered that Mary had opened the bathroom window. She apparently wanted to let out the steam, and never considered how much we pay every month in heating bills. When I got miserable over it, she accused myself and others of being insensitive.  I don’t complain over her buying modern shoes every month. I have no complication with all of the worthless stuff she orders online. But since we share the cost of utilities, I’m not going to let her open windows while the heating or cooling system is running.