The air conditioning is working

One of my favorite places is my local library. It is so huge and luxurious and has all the books I could ever want. I am used to small towns. That meant that my local library was never anything all that impressive. However, this city is so massive that I get to experience a much larger library. This library boasts four stories, and it takes up almost a full city block. I spend a lot of free time in there. If there is a problem though, I would say it is how icy they run their A/C. Being it is typically scorching outside where I live, a freezing breath of air conditioning always feels awesome, at first. Then you get cooled down, but keep getting colder and colder. They run their A/C so cold, sometimes I have to put my book down just to stand in the warmth of the outside for a while. I suppose it is not all that simple to balance out the proper thermostat setting. With all the people coming in and out, it’s tough to keep your thermostat setting constant. However, because their HVAC system is overworking, I am forced to take extra clothing with me. It’s odd to have a big jacket with me in the summer of such a hot state, however, their A/C is so cold that I require it when I plan to spend several hours there. At least though, the cold A/C always feel great when you first walk in.

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