I felt incredibly cold

My family and I have a large farm with thousands of acres. Some of that land has farm animals like cattle and chickens.The main house sits right in the middle of our farmland. The main house is 14,000 square feet with 18 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. It’s unbelievable to view, but a real pain to upkeep. Some of the unprocessed land is set up for hunting. We only allow white tail deer hunting on the farm. We follow all of the rules and guidelines set up by our state and federal government. My family has been allowing hunting on the property for at least thirty years. During that time, we have never had any major issues. Last weekend, we had several. We had a group of four guys arrive from the city. They were staying locally, and wanted to hunt for three days. They already had reservations and they seemed like great guys. The first day hunting, we cited them for unlawful violations. They were minor and we allowed them to remain on the property. Later that night, the overnight staff heard a loud boom and pop sound. After that, the A/C started to blow warm air. The staff heard the A/C making a strange hissing sound. She also heard loud laughter in the distance. We turned off the A/C until morning, when we could evaluate the issue in daylight. The maintenance crew found a bullet hole in the A/C unit. It pierced the compressor, which needed to be replaced. Our four violation guys never came to hunt that day. I think they were hunting at night, but I can’t prove it.

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