That was a bad idea

My family as well as I have a big farm with tons of acres. Some of that land has cute animals like pigs as well as sheep.The main home sits right in the center of our farmland. The main home is a few square feet with 18 family rooms as well as 10 bathrooms. It’s really cool to view, but a real pain to keep up with. Some of the other land is set up for hunting. We only allow white tail deer hunting on that land though. We follow all of the rules as well as regulations set up by our state as well as federal government. My crew has been allowing hunting on the lawn for at least 12 years. During that time, the people I was with and I have never had any large complications. Last month, the people I was with and I had a few happen. We had a group of several men arrive from the nearby town. They were staying in the local hotel, as well as wanted to hunt for several days. They already had plans as well as they seemed like fantastic guys. The first afternoon hunting, the people I was with and I cited them for a ton of violations. They were small as well as the people I was with and I allowed them to remain on the lawn. Later that night, the night staff heard a loud racket as well as pop sound. After that, the air conditioning started to turn off. They definitely shot at the house and hit our ac unit.

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