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My family and I have a big time grape field with thousands of acres. Some of that field work has grapes like concar. The main home sits right in the center of our grape land. The main home is 10,000 square feet with tons of laying out spaces. It’s unbelievable to look at, but a real pain to keep up with in the end. Some of the unprocessed land is set up for my hunting needs. We only let in the deer hunters on the farm. We follow all of the rules and set up by our state and federal government. My family has been allowing hunting on the land for at least 11 years. During that time, the two of us have never had any major errors. Last weekend, the two of us had a few. We had a group of dudes arrive from the city. They were staying in the area, and wanted to hunt for 2 afternoons. They already had a room and they seemed like good guys. The first day hunting, the two of us cited them for unlawful violations. They were smaller ones and the two of us allowed them to remain on the land. Later that day, the overnight staff heard a loud boom and pop noise in the lawn. After that, the air conditioning started to blow out warm air. The staff heard the air conditioning creating a weird hissing sound. They also also heard loud laughter in the distance. We turned off the air conditioning and realized it was shot at.

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