I really love fresh honey

Have you ever heard the buzzing  sound that comes from a honey bee hive?  It sounds like a small engine. The reasons is  t that there are up to 50,000 bees in a big colony.  I know exactly how loud they can be, because we had a colony concealed between the siding of our house and  the inside walls. A colony of this size produces a great deal of heat as well. Since the colony was located in the walls of the spare bathroom, it went undetected for month. In fact, it was probably there for an entire Winter.  We finally noticed the signs of the hive in the Spring. I was cleaning out a closet in the bathroom, and heard the humming coming from the opposite side of the room. I assumed there was a fan on somewhere in the house. I soon realized that wasn’t the case  I placed my hand against the wall and felt the warmth along with a slight vibration. I called our exterminator for advice. He provided a name and number for a professional who specializes in bee removal. Because of the scope of the colony, we had no option but to tear into the wall.  We had the colony removed and then repaired the damage they had done. Thankfully the project was partially covered by our homeowners insurance. The costs added up quite quickly. . The colony was effectively relocated to a honey farm about twenty miles away, so there is no occasion of them coming back.  I then went around the outside of the house and sealed any other cracks where a passing bee might see an opportunity.

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