I can tell there are bees

Our son came home from school one day and said that he wanted to study apiculture, I was completely lost as to what that meant.  We knew that he always had an interest in science but had no clue what that had to do with. At first I thought maybe he was confused and meant agriculture or farming.  I was ok with that but when he explained that it meant beekeeping I was not thrilled with that idea. Being a beekeeper is really hard work and requires constant maintenance of the hives.  I couldn’t even get him to clean his room so I had no idea how he would keep up with such a big responsibility. That was ten years ago and now, he has a successful business selling honey and beeswax.  He also works with homeowners who need to have honey bees removed. He has built a good reputation for working with people who have nuisance hives on their property or in their homes that they need removed.  It helps to grow his business too as he adds new hives each time he relocates a colony. Bees can be destructive if they decide to set up housekeeping in a building or near an electrical box. If you have a problem with a colony make sure you contact someone who can remove them safely like our son. Trying to remove them yourself can lead to issues such as stings, death of the colony, or major damage to your property.  If you call a professional they will sometimes remove them for free but usually charge you a small fee. It is worth the cost to have it done for sure.

bee removal business