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Bepop is one of the most adjustable of all label printers that is offered through Arrow Systems, Inc. The Bepop is a small printer that can be found in schools, offices, or even in the athletic arena. With help of the Bepop, you are able to make copies of labels. The software for the printer is able to position the data you input, in a way that makes them more cost efficient to create. You connect to the laptop database, plus the Bepop will fill in all the labels, by using the information that you have created on a spreadsheet. There is a scan option on there and all you have to do is import logos and symbols. You can print mono-color images from your very own photo images. You can also change letters and transfer them from printing to cutting data with the easy click of a button. With the help of the bordering tools, you can draw a cutting line around the shapes and then use it as a tool in your classroom. I worked in an elementary school for about five years, and I know of at least a hundred times when a tool like the Bepop would have saved a lot of time plus money when creating tools for all the teachers plus the students. Not only can you create tools, but just think about all of the money and time that you can save by printing stickers that would work for almost any occasion.  With its four inch printing area, the applications for the Bepop are unlimited. It can be used all over the world. The high precision from the machine makes it very handy.

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