Is that really my problem?

Have you ever considered flipping houses as a way to make money? Many years ago, long before house flipping was all over the home network, my good friend graduated from college and did not know what to do for a career. Her father bought her a rundown house as a graduation present; she fixed it up and sold it for a nice sum. She is the first house flipper I ever heard of. This was back in the 1980s. Well, my friend learned a thing or a hundred about renovations, and she probably continues to learn them. Since I have been house flipping, I too have learned things. The most important thing I have learned is to budget more than you want to for flooring and HVAC. Nothing beautifies a room more than your choice of flooring, and nothing makes a home for comfortable to live in than a top notch HVAC system. If you go cheap on the HVAC, the homeowner will struggle with high heating and cooling costs, and if you splurge on a really high quality a/c, your buyers will be impressed and your selling price will be higher. Even if you are renovating to live in the house, the same rules apply. You have to look at your flooring all day every day, and you depend on HVAC for heating and cooling when the thermostat outside is vulgar. Personally, I even think that HVAC might be slightly more important than pretty flooring. If your floors are ugly, you can put down rugs. If your HVAC is inefficient, all you can do is pay big bucks for a new heater and a/c or suffer.