I was very glad

Pretty much every weekend, my partner and I will have our neighbors over for some soda and to hang out. We like having them over, mostly because they are so funny and tell the best stories to us. Last week, they invited us over to hang out at their place. We thought it would be nice to get a little change of scenery, so we accepted. When we go over to their place though, we were instantly hit with a wave of ice cold air. It’s in the middle of a serious winter season here, so my partner and I were both perplexed as to why in the world they would have their air conditioner device on high. Later on in the night after a few glasses of soda, I jokingly asked our neighbors why they like to have their air cooling device on high when it’s already so cold out.  My partner and I were both still wearing our coats and gloves even though we had been inside chatting for well over an hour. They responded by saying that when the air is cooler, it helps their skin and will make them look younger and live twice as long as pretty much everyone else. My partner and I thought they were joking so we both started laughing. As it turns out they were dead on about that. I assume we will have to find some new friends to hang out with on our free time. At least ones who don’t think blasting their air cooling device will give them some sort of superpowers.