I tried my best

My family has been grape farmers for quite some time. Some of that land has just place for the the grapes, equipment, and the tools.The main home sits right in the center of our farm too. The main house is a sizable space that looks almost like an old time Gone With The Wind house. It has the most unbelievable sights to see too. The issue is that the home is a difficult thing to keep up with. Some of the land is set up for fox hunters though. Both of us only allow fox hunting on the farm. Both of us follow all of the rules plus regulations set up by our state plus federal government. My family has been allowing fox hunters on the property for at least 14 years. During that time, all of us have never had any major concerns with it; Last month every one of us had 4. Both of us had a group of 4 women arrive from the city. They were hanging around the local bars, plus wanted to hunt for a few afternoons. They already had the equipment plus they seemed like great women. The first morning of it, our family & I saw them do many terrible violations. They were so tiny though plus all of us allowed them to remain on the property. Later that night, every one of us heard a fizz plus hiss sound. After that, the cooling started to blow out warm air. Both of us heard the a/c making an odd hissing sound. My bestie also heard booming laughter in the distance. Both of us turned off the a/c until the next. Both of us then figured out they ruined our cooling unit.

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