It’s dropping below zero

My fiance & I care about to go camping. We like everything about camping & own a charming RV, but living in the south it is imperative to have an Air Conditioner & Heater plan that runs consistently. One day the two of us took a trip to a local campground & set things up eager & excited to be there. I hooked up the electricity, plumbing, & everything else included to making sure to have the absolute best time. Once everything was hooked up I went to turn the Air Conditioner & Heater machine on & all was silent. That meant something was going on with the Heating & Air Conditioning unit. First, I did everything I could possibly believe of to make it work, To no avail, nothing happened. It did not take long for myself and others to realize that I would need to take the RV to the automotive shop for repair. Instead of waiting until the two of us got back apartment I decided to take it to the shop that afternoon & the repairman checked out the a/c. The nice thing is there was a solution & the bad news was it was going to be quite overpriced. I had neglected to keep the Air Conditioner & Heater machine replaced, maintained, & maintained & now I had to pay the consequences of our choices. Once the repairman was finished the two of us drove the RV back to the campground & the rest of our camping trip went smoothly. I decided that from that point on I would make sure to get the Air Conditioning & Heating machine maintained & maintained as the two of us go so I would not have to pay out the amount again.

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