Keeping the windows open

I am never happy when the weather cools off and the fall season arrives. I just love the summer months, when the days are sunny and hot. I prefer spending my time outside, working in the gardens or lying in the sun. I keep all of the windows open in the house to bring in fresh air. Living in the northern part of the country, our summers are rarely all that hot and don’t last all that long. There’s no need for a whole-home cooling system. We manage with box fans and portable air conditioners in the bedroom windows. I leave the window air conditioner in place for as long as possible. I sleep so much better with the noise of it running and the cool air circulating. Unfortunately, the weather turns cold and rainy all too quickly. While I love the fall colors, scents and vegetables, I hate knowing winter is right around the corner. If we’re very lucky, we get about a month of mild fall weather. I can still have the windows open during the day, and head outside wearing a sweatshirt. All too soon, the temperature drops down into the thirties, forcing me to start up the furnace. I hold off as long as possible, and my whole family complains about how chilly the house feels. I just know that once the heater starts up, I’ll be relying on it for six to eight months. I’ll only get outside to shovel snow out of the driveway. The inside of the house will become overly dry and stuffy, and I’ll get a shock every time I walk across the carpet. With temperatures often dropping down well below zero, I pay enormous monthly heating bills.

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