We are all happy about the ventilation

My current heating system is well over twenty years old, and it’s definitely time to replace it. Although I’ve been diligent about scheduling professional maintenance and replacing air filters, the furnace is showing its age. Every winter, something goes wrong, and the minor repairs are starting to add up. The furnace no longer puts out as much heated air, and I’m continually bumping up the setting on the furnace. The longer running times require a lot more energy and my monthly heating bills continue to rise. On especially cold winter nights, the heater simply can’t keep up and the house is downright chilly. I’m also a bit worried about safety and air quality. Despite annual cleaning, I’ve noticed an increase of dust and contaminants floating around in the air. I’ve done some research into the furnaces currently on the market, and they offer some truly innovative features. Top-of-the-line heating systems now include adaptable-speed technology, which allows the equipment to automatically adjust speed to meet demand. Instead of continually starting up and shutting down, modern furnaces run longer at lower capacity, maintaining more even temperature. Current models now achieve up to 98% AFUE, which would significantly trim my monthly utility bills. I could also upgrade to a wifi thermostat and zone control, greatly improving convenience, cost savings and comfort. The zone control would avoid heating empty rooms and allow different family members to customize comfort to their preferences. The smart thermostat would make it super easy to manage the system, providing access through an app on my phone or laptop.

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