We do care about our house

My partner particularly looks forward to throwing her parties, plus I look forward to hiding out in the basement guy cave while she hosts them. I will do all of the manual labor, set up the tables or decorations, go buy the food plus drinks, plus everything else she may need, however when the celebration starts I go hide out in my guy cave to watch sports plus drink beer. I will do almost anything for her, however making small talk with her girlfriends is not one of those things. My guy cave is fairly large, because I took over the entire basement. I have my own control device down here, so that I can best utilize the zone temperature controls for our central Heating as well as A/C system. What this means, in more simple terms, is that I can set my own cooling levels separate from those upstairs. My partner could set her control device although she wanted for her celebration, it would not affect me down here. The only complication this time was that her control device stopped finally working, plus no matter what she did she could not get the A/c to turn on. She was on the verge of panic when I made her a deal — she plus her friends could go to the basement plus like the A/C down there, however I got the rest of the home to myself for the night. Once they all went downstairs, I changed out the batteries in the control device plus turned the air conditioner back on. It particularly was that simple of a complication to fix.

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