My job has been done

I have been so happy to start this current job for weeks. Finally I am getting out of our crappy retail job and into a line of task that honestly allows for movement. Plus, with this current job I’ll be getting healthcare and 401k. It is everything I ever wanted from a line of work. However, our excitement started to wane Last month when I finally got to begin our first day at the office. It’s going to be Christmas in a few weeks, and it’s cold enough outside that every body of water is frozen. Well, it feels like it’s that cold in our office too! I tried to brush it off, maybe the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C method was just broken? I’ve had weirder things happen on our first day at a current job… Yet when I was being given the tour by the HR manager, I walked by the control component for our office level. They had the control component set below 60 degrees! That’s just absurd. I wanted to ask the HR manager about the cold setting for their temperature control system, however I was too afraid to. The last thing I wanted to do is have our current boss suppose I wasn’t fit for the job before I had even started. So, I waited until I was getting settled in at our desk. Then I finally asked one of our current coworkers what the deal was with the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system. They say they do it for the laptops and the servers, that the heating and cooling method is kept undoubtedly low so the tech runs more efficiently. Though our coworker joked that its just to keep all the people awake and on task. I suppose I’ll be buying a lot of jackets; I am determined to make this work!