I am getting so much done

For the longest time I have tried to figure out what would be the dream job for me. My brother happens to be an HVAC technician and he tried to get me interested in that type of work. I went out with him on service calls a few times and tried my hand at maintaining heating and cooling equipment. While the HVAC machines are quite fascinating, they are honestly too complicated for me to work on to be honest. I knew that this was not the type of work that was meant for me, but I did enjoy the experiences I had with my brother. Later on I came to realize that I was fascinated with seeking out nice homes and trying to fix them up.

           I considered getting into house flipping, but later on I found that becoming a real estate agent was the path for me. I was able to get my pre-license education and then later on passed my real estate license examination. I was so happy when I helped people find the right homes for them. It was quite exciting going through the purchasing process. The most wonderful feeling was when I was able to hand the keys over to the new homeowners. Of course it was wonderful seeing what people were interested in as far as homes go, taking all types of financial aspects into consideration.

             I find that one of the most important things in a nice household is having a fantastic HVAC system. Because of the experience I had with my brother, I was able to notice certain things about the HVAC equipment to tell if it was in reasonable shape. I knew to test the equipment to see that the heating and cooling were both working. Of course I wasn’t a professional by any means and I would always tell people to make sure to have a professional check out the equipment along with the house inspection.

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