I can’t fix this

I would argue that when we all suffer in life, it truly makes us stronger and helps us to endure more of what life throws at us. It’s not as if there’s someone who enjoys going through difficult times or major challenges, but I believe we all have to deal with that at various points in our lives. I still remember going through taxing times when I got a divorce from my ex wife, as she took advantage of the situation. Despite cheating on me, she got the house, the car, and even my son! She got set up with child support payments too, and barely had to work since she basically left me with nothing. When he started giving me grief about seeing my child “too often”, I was totally fed up. I decided to push for custody for my child since I didn’t like how she was using him for money and clearly didn’t care about him the way I did. It was a long, draining battle in court, but now I have my son and that makes it all worthwhile. Without having to pay such crazy amounts of child support now, I have been able to get back on my feet with my son! I was able to add to my certifications as a Heating and Air Conditioning repair specialist, so I chose to take my child with me on repair calls and teach him how to handle various heating and air conditioning repairs. Funny enough, my son told me that he wanted to be heating & air conditioning certified just like his dad when he was older. I say go for it!

AC filter