Energy saving facts

I swear the air in my house was out to get me.  I don’t own pets and my plant allergies are minimum.  So, I could not figure out why I was sneezing, fatigued and dealing with a near constant headache.  It was the air I breathe. I work from a home office. 90% of my time is spent inside in treated air.  It was time to call a professional. Our local HVAC company is fantastic. They are always eager to help while being knowledgeable and trusted.  My usual HVAC tech came to the house to see if he could help me with my air quality issues. I was pleased to see him checking throughout the house and testing the air with a handheld gadget.  The HVAC pro told me that I had very low humidity and could also benefit from a whole house air cleaner. I was a bit shocked at the low humidity, but I do live in the West and the air is dry. The whole house air cleaner sounded good though.  My HVAC guy also said to get better air filters. I buy the cheap air filters and don’t change them very often. The HVAC tech said that will make an immediate difference. I did some research on the humidifier and the air cleaner. The humidifier can be attached directly to the indoor HVAC component without much hassle at all.  I can then control the humidity level from the thermostat. The whole house air cleaner fits right into the return duct and can remove almost 99% of air contaminants. These HVAC guys really know there stuff. I have a feeling that my sneezing headaches will soon be a thing of the past.

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