I was well versed

When we suffer in life, it actually makes us stronger and smarter for it. It’s not like anybody enjoys going through difficult times or major challenges, though I think we all have to deal with that at multiple points in my lives. I particularly went through strenuous times when I got a divorce from my ex wife, as she took advantage of the situation and that rubbed me the wrong way for years. She was the one that broke her vows and cheated, yet she got the house, the car, but thankfully not my daughter. Since I work as a Heating as well as Air Conditioning serviceman, I was the one with the stable income deemed worthy for having custody. I would often take my child with me on repair calls, teaching her the ways of heating plus cooling repair. Clients enjoyed the fact that I would bring my child with me, and they would often offer treats or other goodies to her. I didn’t want her eating too much junk though, as I wanted her to focus on health and good nutrition – unlike her mother, who provided pretty much whatever she wanted as a meal. I was so proud when my child was older, as she told me she wanted to become a Heating as well as Air Conditioning specialist just like her dad. I was touched! I certainly trained her right, as she had years of experience before even being of working age. I can’t wait to see how far she goes in the HVAC industry, as she’s always had a curious nature that is perfect for heating, ventilation and air conditioning innovation.

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