I was aware of the problem

Living in the northern part of the country, I spend a fortune on heating bills.  The winter weather typically lasts between six to eight months, and we endure temperatures in the negatives.  The furnace carries an extremely heavy workload and seems to run non stop. I am always searching for ways to eliminate energy waste and improve efficiency.  A little over a year ago, I hired a local HVAC contractor to evaluate the heat gain/loss of my home and provide recommendations. The contractor performed a series of tests to identify areas of concern, and discovered that a great deal of heated air was escaping through the attic.  Over the years, the attic insulation had been compromised by moisture and rodents. He suggested that I invest in blown-in insulation for the attic. This type of insulation is made up of small particles which conform to odd-shaped and narrow spaces, creating an airtight seal. The blown-in insulation is moisture-resistant, fire-resistant and also helps to block noise and air quality issues.  It provides superior longevity and efficiency ratings to rolled insulation. The process of installation was completed quite quickly, and there was no mess or damage. Once the attic was completely insulated, I noticed an immediate improvement in the comfort and cleanliness of the home. My furnace no longer needed to run for such extensive cycles, which has trimmed monthly energy bills by about ten percent.  By reducing the wear and tear on the heating equipment, I’m hoping to minimize the number repairs and lengthen the system’s service life.

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