Organization is key

My fiance, Bob and I recently hired a professional to take our engagement photos.  The photographer strongly recommended we take the pictures in his studio, in front of various backdrops.  I was reluctant to pose in front of an artificial sunset, and insisted we take the photos at various outdoor locations.  The scheduled day for our engagement photos was in the middle of July, and the temperature climbed into the low nineties.  The humidity was practically unbearable, and there wasn’t even a hint of a breeze. Bob was super unhappy about the overheated conditions.  We spent several hours standing in the park, with no access to shade or air conditioning. Several times, we needed to sit in the car with the air conditioning running and mop the sweat off our faces.  Bob and I both ended up with severe sunburn, and I came down with a headache from dehydration. The most enjoyable part of the day was driving to the different locations. We set the air conditioner to maximum capacity.  The whole day was an excruciating ordeal, and the photographs didn’t turn out well. Bob and I appeared red-faced, overheated and miserable in every picture. We were forced to reschedule a second appointment at the photography studio.  Although I was still unhappy about the artificial backdrops, I appreciated the access to a thermostat. The photographer set a comfortable temperature, with the air conditioner supplying cool air, and the fan effectively circulating it. Bob was able to wear a suit without suffering from the weather. My makeup didn’t smear all over my face due to sweat.   

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