Is that even possible?

I can remember last summer pretty well. The reason I remember it so well, and always will, is because we had the most deadly and wild thunderstorm! It was so loud, crazy and it really wrecked a lot of things. Thankfully no one was killed or hurt. However, just about every house, store and hotel in town lost power for several days. And this was bad for those that did not have power back ups. Why? Because the air conditioning would not be working for anyone without the power back ups! Air conditioning is a well needed thing here in the southwest part of the united states of america where we live in this area of the country. Most of the bigger named hotels in the area were not affected and got a lot of business that summer thanks to their energy back up plans. So many locals were flooding the hotels just to be able to live in quality air conditioning for the power loss days. My family and I were some of those people who helped widen their wallets that summer. The air conditioning was needed as it was over 100 degrees outside, and no one could survive without air conditioning, even though the rain, thunder and huge winds were going. It was a hot wind like something coming out of a furnace. I can not even explain in words what it really felt like. But I was just thankful for the hotel having air conditioning and working power! Otherwise, we would have been screwed seriously and utterly!

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