Bulk poster printing

I have been working for a busy office supply chain. I have been with the company for three years. Our busiest times are during the holiday season and back-to-school season. Back to school time is the absolute worst, because parents bring the kids to the store. They spend most of the day shopping for pencils, pens, and trapper keepers. ,Meanwhile, those kids are running around the store with very little supervision. During the holiday season, we usually have specials on small office supplies like label makers, calculators, and office printers. This year, the Colordyne company had a major special from the manufacturer. All of our Colordyne series printers were on sale for 60% off. We normally sell one or two Colordyne printers each month. I have been selling Colordyne printers at a rate of one or two per day. Last Saturday, I sold two Colordyne mini laser prosystems to the same company. Luckily for me, we still receive a commission on all of the systems. Even though they are on special at 60% off, I still receive a full commission on the retail price. I am going to use my huge commission check for an expensive purchase. I’m thinking about proposing to my girlfriend, and I haven’t picked out a ring yet. This huge commission check will be large enough to purchase a nice diamond ring. I know my girlfriend will be very surprised, because we haven’t talked about marriage. I know she wants kids and a house, and I am the person to make all of her dreams come true.

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