I do have some tips

I have never been able to properly deal with people who aren’t good at keeping their promises. I know that sometimes people have every intention of keeping their word and they just can’t, but when they do it over and over again it gets to be really irritating. This has been the situation with my HVAC technician, who has been treating me such a way throughout the past year. There have been several bad occurrences over the past year. My technician was doing a usual inspection on my heating and air conditioning equipment, when he told me that he would have a lot of extra time to clean the ductwork out all through my house. By the time he was finished with the inspection though, he told me that he was completely out of time and would get it done on the next visit. It really got me irritated, but I decided to let it go and give him the benefit of the doubt. Over the next few visits the same HVAC technician kept saying the same stuff. He even had the nerve to tell me on his last visit that my ductwork and vents were looking extremely filthy. He even went so far as to note that there was dust accumulating on the vent registers and on the surfaces underneath each vent. I couldn’t take it anymore and went ahead and called him out on this issue. When I talked to him about how he has promised to clean my vents and ducts repetitively and failed to deliver, he just blinked at me a few times before telling me that that would cost extra money. I get it now. I think it’s high time that I move on and hire a different HVAC company that actually follows through.

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