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I started having some concerns with my furnace shortly before Christmas.  The outside temperature was down to eighteen degrees with even colder weather in the forecast.  The people I was with and I had a buildup of more than two feet of snow on the grown plus more on the way.  I also had my entire family staying with us over the holidays. There was no way every one of us could get by without a respectfully operating furnace.  The oil furnace was running for much longer cycles, putting out far less heat plus making some odd noises. Whenever it started up, the heating machine screeched loudly then settled into an aggravating rattle.  The warm air smelled musty, plus no matter how I adjusted the temperature control, the condo was downright chilly. Plus, my weekly heating bills were much higher than usual. I was worried about issues with air quality, safety risk, plus the occasion of the furnace failing entirely.  I knew the holidays would make it taxing to get heating repair, so I immediately started calling local HVAC companies. It took 4 phone calls before I finally found a company who agreed to send a worker to my condo the following day. The worker was expected to arrive sometime between nine in the day plus numerous o’clock in the day.  I was a little frustrated by taking an entire day off from toil to wait around for the company. I was harshly aggravated when she never showed up. I then called the HVAC company back again to complain plus was informed that the worker had gotten delayed. The girl could have called plus alerted myself and others that she wasn’t going to make it.  The repair was postponed to the following week.

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