European furniture

Finding truly authentic European furniture is not for the faint of heart when you live in the United States. Looking around in stores, you are unlikely to find anything that even comes close to what you’re looking for. Then if you go hunting online, you’ll find styles which are nearly an exact match. However, in buying furniture online, you both have to deal with the uncertainty of quality as well as egregious high costs due to shipping fees. But since my husband and I both adore European homes and have purchased a house that is exactly that, we need the furniture in our home to reflect it. Neither of us will tolerate this amazing home to be subject to boring, classless, tasteless furniture pieces. That is why we gave up on buying furniture from a retailer at all, and instead went straight to the source to have custom furniture built for us. Custom built furniture is indeed a bit more costly than retail pieces. Yet here you are paying both for the ability to get exactly what you want and the piece of mind that only comes with incredible quality. The designers were very kind in helping us with both sketches of our custom ideas, and pictures of vintage furniture to help further inspire us. Not only did they communicate our style back to us, but they helped us to embrace it even further. So far we have tackled the living room, kitchen, and our bedroom. Our Christmas present to each other is going to be this stunning European furniture dining table and chairs.