I need something with character

I love modern furniture, and now so does everyone else. You can’t go into a single home goods store today without finding another take on retro modern style. While this is a really cool thing for people shopping on a budget, for me it also makes the job of finding well built furniture that much harder. Everything today is either built in factories, or sweatshops, or both. Either way, I make a huge sacrifice both in quality and my own morals to get what I want. And as life is so short, I refuse to do either. I put my dollars towards local business and quality craftsmanship, so I don’t have to go replacing that cute but cheap velvet mod armchair in the next two years. For the best in contemporary condo furniture, I only trust my local custom built furniture store. These guys know the trade and art of building incredible furniture that is made to last.  You can really tell too from the moment you walk in. The woods are bright, the textiles softer, and when you sit in a custom chair, you know by the level of comfort and quality you can feel. My custom built contemporary condo furniture does not wobble, creak, or groan, which is important when you’re a plus size girl. Here everything is made from real wood–not pressboard and plastic–and the designs are tailored just for you. I can have an armchair made wider and taller to really support me, or adjust the height of the legs so it’s easier for me to get in and out of. My custom built contemporary condo furniture is made to fit my life perfectly.

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